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We have the professional expertise to provide an all-encompassing design and consultancy package to meet your business needs, from conceptualization, project management to final product. We function as one with the customer throughout the life cycle of the design project and our approach is keyed towards ensuring exceptional customer experience and the best product.

Our extensive service package includes:
  • Providing dedicated attention to your requirements and proposing the best possible choice of platform and design approach.
  • Recommending enhancements to the design, features and/or functionality based on our industrial experience.
  • Resolving technical conflicts, interoperability and compatibility issues.
  • Providing a blueprint on estimated unit cost, development budget and schedule.
  • Qualifying the design and/or product against commercial standards.
  • Supporting mass production engineering.
  • Optimizing unit cost and design and/or product performance.
  • Supporting the type approval process and other certification.
As part of our design services, we offer complete product, module and/or system solution design, project turnkey, engineering management and unit cost reduction services. Our customers who seek an outsource partner that understands time to market is critical, has the technology and know-how to fulfill customer requirements, and the ability to achieve competitive unit cost.

We excel in three main core design work:
  • Wireless core - Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, UHF/VHF Radio Transceiver and Cordless product.
  • IP Networking core - Local Area Networking products and network appliances.
  • Embedded System and FPGA core - firmware, FPGA hardware and Software design.
Our team has many years of industrial experience in research, type approval, product design and development. We are well versed in many industry standards and have established credentials in the following areas:
  • Radio Frequency (RF) circuit design, such as VCO, PLL, Oscillator, low noise amplifier, power amplifier, high dynamic range receiver etc.
  • Wireless product design and development, including wireless LAN network interface card and access point, Bluetooth module and USB adaptor, VHF/UHF radio transceiver and cordless telephony products.
  • Networking product design and development, such as ATM Switch, MPLS Router, Ethernet products and network appliances.
  • Embedded system design, with programs using real time operating system (RTOS), embedded Linux, FPGA development, network driver and software stack.
  • Network management software design and development.
  • Computer Network architecture design, planning and radio cell planning.
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